How Did Jesus Talk about Divorce?

Study the social and literary context of divorce

To many, the New Testament’s teaching on divorce and remarriage seems both impractical and unfair. The plain meaning of the texts allows for divorce only in cases of adultery or desertion, and forbids remarriage until the death of one’s former spouse. But are these proscriptions the final word for Christians today? Are we correctly reading the scriptures that address these issues?

By looking closely at the biblical texts on divorce and remarriage in light of the first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman world, David Instone-Brewer shows that the original audience of the New Testament heard these teachings differently. Through a careful exploration of the background literature of the Old Testament, the ancient Near East, and especially ancient Judaism, David Instone-Brewer constructs a biblical view of divorce and remarriage that is wider in scope than present-day readings.

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David Instone-Brewer examines how marriage, divorce, polygamy, homosexuality and other topics are addressed in the Bible by looking at both the text of Scripture and the context in which Scripture was written. “Translating from Hebrew or the Greek into English is only half of the job of translation,” he says. “You also have to translate the context that it came from.”

From ancient Near Eastern marriage laws that were literally written in stone to the sexual practices that were accepted and not accepted in Rome, Dr. Instone-Brewer paints a picture of how Old and New Testament Jewish culture compared to other cultures of the time. He shows how understanding this context illuminates the truth of Scripture and helps us discern what ethics God had for His people in the past and what He has for us today.

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Exploring Ancient Inscriptions with Digital Tools

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Despite strong advances in organizational leadership, a key growth area is still lacking for many: self-leadership. Addressing this evident need, Samuel Rima offers practical implementation of essential leadership principles and discusses the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual aspects of self-leadership in his book,Leading from the Inside Out.

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The Old Testament writers used a variety of literary and grammatical devices to guide their audience. Some of these devices function to attract attention to important information, while others served to push less important information into the background. Some were used simply to grab your attention, alerting you that something important or surprising was about to happen. The ability to identify what these devices are and where they occur in the text will be a valuable help for your Bible study. Until very recently, these kinds of tools have only been accessible to those who have invested years and years of study in the Hebrew language and linguistics.

In the Lexham High Definition Old Testament the text is marked up with visual representations for a variety of discourse devices. Hovering over any of the devices gives you a pop-up window with a concise definition, allowing you to stay right in the text. Right clicking on the device gives you the option to jump to the glossary for a definition, explanation, illustrations, and questions to ask yourself to understand why the author used that specific device. Since all of these devices are tagged, you can even search for the various devices across the entire Old Testament or in a specific corpus of Scripture.

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Why Pornography Is the Greatest Threat to Christian Families

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Tim Clinton, Ed. D. is president of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)—the largest and most diverse Christian counseling association in the world. He is professor of counseling and pastoral care, and executive director of the center for counseling and family studies at Liberty University. Logos Bible Software let’s you tap into Dr. Clinton’s insight with the Quick-Reference Counseling Collection.

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For those who have a passion for helping others and who would appreciate the foundation of Bible-based counseling training, Dr. Timothy Clinton offers PD171 Biblical Soul Care. PD171 presents the intersection of psychology and faith in the practice of counseling and explores the increasing need for a response to the stresses of twenty-first century American life. The course draws on numerous biblical passages to augment psychology’s explanations and treatment suggestions for a distressed person’s needs and is replete with examples from Dr. Clinton’s experience as a practicing counselor. This course will help you become better prepared for the counseling demands in your ministry and life in general.

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