Dr. Roger Olson Talks about Predestination and Calvinism

Explore Dr. Olson’s argument against Calvinism

Dr. Olson holds degrees from Rice University, North American Baptist Seminary and Open Bible College. He has written numerous articles for such publications as Christian Century and Christianity Today.

Browse his works today, and check out his popular title, Against Calvinism.

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  1. Jerry Basiao says

    If Predestination is false concept, then God does not know everything in the future. What make christians going and stable is the fact that God holds the future in its entirety. History is the story of God. It is the story of His mercy and the display of His justice. God does not depend on man otherwise His purposes will ALWAYS fail though He condescends and stoops to man’s level.

  2. Jacob Arminius says

    Ok, So Olsen is correct. Jesus and Paul and John were also wrong. So thankful that Olsen wrote this book to correct the Bible. Predestination was made up by John Calvin. He inlisted a band of men who went around the world and took every bible that existed and then changed it and put in the word “Chosen, predestined, called, elect”. Then they put them all back. So thanks for finally getting the story straight. After all, You know better than the Bible!

    • Olaf says

      I´m not so much a friend of sarcasm when it comes to the believes of a person. Are you? After all Jesus says, we will be recognized as his disciples when we have love for each other. If Dr. Olsen is incorrect in his view, prove it with Scripture! An assertion is not an argument. Did you even read the book? From the interview you can only take his claim. Did you check his arguments? After all, there might be an error on your side, instead of his…. Be blessed.

    • Olaf says

      In addition I would ask you to explain, what Jesus meant when he said: “how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not!” Lk 13:34 AV. Did Jesus want to gather, or not? If so, and he is the Lord who predestinates, why did they refuse to obey? How could they resist? If Dr. Olsens description of predestination is correct, there isn´t such a thing as free will, right? If his description is incorrect, please rectify it.

  3. Richard says

    There is a significant difference between God knowing what choices we will make and Him making them for us. Careful on the argument, because that will lead you to state that a holy God deliberately creates evil.

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